Last Name - D

Harry L. & Bessie R. Day

​George W. & Susie M. Diemer

George Willis and Susie Myrtle Diemer: George Diemer, the former president of what is now know as the University of Central Missouri, is buried beside his wife Susie Myrtle Diemer. Located on the UCM campus, Diemer Hall is named in his memory. Their child, George Willis Jr. whose grave is located near his parents, gave his life for our country while serving in the second World War.

Thomas Reed Dunham

Thomas Dunham, a World War I veteran, ran a laundry business located off of South Holden near the old Estes Hotel. His nephew, Oliver C. Dunham Jr., also served our country as a sergeant in the armored field artillery. Oliver was a successful businessman and is buried near his uncle.