Snowy Weather


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Snow Removal

The City of Warrensburg Public Works Department has prepared this information to inform you about our snow removal policies. Please read this information and use it this winter. The Street Maintenance Division of the Public Works Department has the responsibility of treating streets when snow or icy conditions exist.

Road Priority

Our primary objective during any winter storm is to keep thoroughfares open and safe for the motoring public. Thoroughfares are part of the emergency snow route system. When a snow emergency is declared, priority will be given to
emergency snow routes. Additional priority will also be given to:
  • Streets adjacent to schools
  • Bus routes
  • Police, Fire, and Rescue Stations
  • Steep graded hills and sharp curves
Residential streets will receive service after thoroughfares, snow routes, and priority locations have been cleared.

Snowstorm Procedures

There are three basic procedures followed in snow storm operations:

Procedure 1

When snow accumulation is less than 2 inches or icing occurs, the emergency snow routes and priority routes will be treated with sand and salt. Residential streets will be treated if conditions prove necessary.

Procedure 2

If snow accumulation is from 2 to 4 inches, primary snow routes will be treated with sand and salt, and if warranted, plowed. If needed, residential streets will only be plowed in the center and treated with sand and salt. A "Snow Emergency" will be declared if conditions prove necessary.

Procedure 3

When snow accumulation is 4 inches or more, emergency and priority routes will be plowed and receive treatment first during the snow storm. Residential streets will be plowed in the center after emergency and priority routes are cleared. Every street will receive an application of deicing materials and a "Snow Emergency" will be declared.


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