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J. A. Falconer

J. A. Falconer fought heroically for the Union Cause during the American Civil War. In 1999, many years following his death, Falconer was awarded a Medal of Honor along with a 39 inch tall tombstone enlaid in 24 carat gold which is located at the Southeast corner of the Sunset Hill. His former tombstone consisted of a basic marble slab which had sunk deep into the ground.

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Reverend Robert a. Foster

This teacher and preacher would honorably serve Yankee regiments as a chaplain and teach his family as a patriotic guide. In the Battle of Lone Jack, Robert's son Emry was severely wounded and another son C. Morris felt a bullet pierce through his left lung. His fourth son Melville was wounded while fighting at Briar Creek while the most unusual occurrence took place prior to the war even starting. In a political debate in the old Johnson County Courthouse which still stands as a historical building on Main Street, oldest son Marsh Foster was shot and killed by a rebel sympathizer in February of 1861. To many, he was the first martyr of the Civil War.