Last Name - S

John N. & Ruby Duncan Sandridge

Taking it easy beneath a shady tree in the far west side of the cemetery lies the remains of John and Ruby Sandridge. In a gravestone shaped like a park bench, visitors can take a load off as the remember the Sandridges, who ran a successful pawn store in Warrensburg. Both John and Ruby's smiling faces are cemented into their headstone, and into eternity.

James C. Shanks

James Shanks was either in, or had just finished dental school when his country called him to serve in World War II. Following the war, Captain Shanks returned to run successful dental businesses in Chilhowee and in Warrensburg.

Steven Thomas Sharp

Buried between two potted plants engraved with praying hands lies Steven Thomas Sharp, the 24 year old son of William and Ethelyn. This gravestone, located near the above ground mausoleum of Charlotte Patton, is completed with a tiny statue of the Virgin Mary and the phrase, "I'm As Free As A Bird Now." Etched by the name Sharp is a bird flying away.

Beryl a. Shults

Located in the pocket corner of Collins Avenue lies the largest and most decorated cross in Sunset Hill. Beryl Shults, who passed away in 1996 just 10 days away from her 50th birthday, is buried beneath a 58 inch black and white cross. Another cross, standing 52 inches tall, can be found in the back far west of the cemetery to mark the gravesites of Edward Henry and Anna Reynolds Eckel.

Harvey M. & Effie R. Sullivan

Harvey Sullivan, member of the 17th Illinois Calvary during the Civil War, lays beside his wife Effie and between two giant evergreen trees measuring nearly 11 feet tall. Effie was 16 years younger than Harvey and she died 17 years after her soul mate perished in 1921.

Statue of Christ & Child

Visible to cars traveling west on Business 50, people may see a large stone statue of Jesus holding a young child. The Savior is clothed in the traditional garments with sandals while holding the right hand of a small child who is clinging to the Lord's shoulder. To some, it may appear that the child had fallen down and Jesus is taking care of the tiny scratch.