Last Name - W

Martin Warren

Near the East Entrance and about ten paces away from the Union Memorial, one can honor the grave of the founder of our proud city, Martin Warren. This pioneer served as a Private in the Virginia Continental Line during the American Revolutionary War and his name can be seen etched in stone between the Holy Cross and the Sons of the American Revolution Emblem. Though people searching through the old cemetery off of Gay Street will discover another tombstone belonging to our city's founder, his body was moved to Sunset Hill in 1915.

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Paul Verle Webb

Located beside a beautifully sculpted flower bed, lies the remains of World War II veteran Paul Verle Webb. The artistic sculpture includes engravings of numerous children or angels performing a religious celebration.
Paul Verle Webb

Michael Wayne Whisenhunt

In the Memorial Section near the beautiful statue of Jesus carrying a young child, lies the grave of eight day old Michael Whisenhunt. Surrounded by numerous, permanent flower vases, Michael's gravestone shows a teddy bear playing on a swing and reads, "Playing In God's Garden."

Frank E. Whittington

Near the massive, homemade, above ground mausoleum located at the back of the cemetery, lies the remains of Frank Whittington. Frank created the structure to honor his wife's request not to be buried in the ground.