Investigations Division

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The Investigations division consists of four full time Detectives led by a Sergeant.  This division investigates cases involving assaults, larcenies, and homicides to name a few.  The Investigations division is responsible and stores all property and evidence seized or found.  Security measures ensure restricted access and inspections provide ongoing review of control procedures, correct and secure labeling, and continued organized status of evidence rooms.  To contact the Investigations division to claim your property, please call 660-747-9134 to make your appointment. 

The Investigations division also has a Proactive Criminal Unit that consists of three Officers, which is also led by a Sergeant. This unit assists the Investigations division with locating criminals, serving warrants, narcotics investigations and they focus on the higher crime areas to assist with problem solving.  The Investigations division may solve a crime within an hour;  however, normally it takes many investigative hours to solve or build a strong case to submit to the municipal or state prosecutor.  The Investigations division strives to investigate and solve all cases.  The Investigations division is overseen by an Investigations Lieutenant.