Burning to Clear Land

Open Burning in Land Clearing Operations

Open burning of tree trunks, tree limbs and vegetation from land clearing operations is allowed without an air curtain destructor or permit in the outstate area if the burning takes place outside the city limits of any incorporated area or municipality and at least 200 yards from the nearest inhabited dwelling. 

Required Open Burning Permits

Commercial and municipal utility tree trimming operations must submit a request to the appropriate regional office for an annually renewable open burning permit. The request just describe the general size, condition and age of the tree trunks and tree limbs to be open burned. Air curtain destructors are generally required at dedicated sites where burning occurs.

Open Burning Permit: A permit that must be applied for and then granted in order to open burn or open burn with restrictions. Permit applications must be sent to the Regional Office or local agency that has jurisdiction over your area. Access applications on the Department of Natural Resources website or any regional or local agency office.

For More Information
Missouri Department of Natural Resources
Air Pollution Control Program
800-361-4827 or 573-751-4817 office