2017 Community Survey

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ETS Findings Report
In the summer of 2017 the City Council and Staff commissioned ETC Institute to conduct a survey of the citizens of Warrensburg.  This survey will aid the City Council in assessing all City services and departments, and assist with the determination of City priorities, projects and goals over the next couple of years.  The Council and Staff express their appreciation for all those who responded to the survey, as the information collected will help make Warrensburg a better community in the near future.

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Additional Information

Presentation to City Council on December 11, 2017

ETC Institute provided a presentation to the City Council and Staff outlining a summary of the process of conducting the survey, and highlighting findings and comparisons.  Click on the image to the right to download the presentation.

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Warrensburg Community Survey Presentation - Dec 5 2017

GIS Map Report


GIS Map Report

This report presents the results to each survey question as a map of the community.  Click the image to download the document.

Additional Cross Tabulations

This report provides results to each question filtered by income, age, and respondents who identified as military or UCM affiliated.  Click the image on the right to download the document.

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