WCVB Grant Forms

Grant Applications

The WCVB grant committee will review applications submitted by 5 p.m. Friday, March 31,  2023, for funding allocations. If the budget allows, the committee may review applications submitted by Friday, June 30, 2023. The June review is contingent upon funding being available. If the grant budget is allocated in March, the additional review will be canceled. Organizations are strongly encouraged to submit as soon as possible. 

The maximum grant awards in 2023:

Tourism Marketing:$3,000 (Tourism Marketing Application

Sports: $2,500 (Sports Grant Application). 

Reimbursement Form

WCVB grant program requires the reimbursement form to be submitted with the requested documentation within 30 days following the event date to be eligible for reimbursement.  Failure to submit by the deadline with documentation may result in the grant funds not being awarded.

The reimbursement form includes questions regarding the event, lodging utilized, and the expenses being submitted for reimbursement. 

The applicant MUST provide copies of invoices/receipts being submitted for reimbursement. Invoices must provide detail of services and goods provided including the date of the service, cost per unit, and total cost. For radio or television spots, an affidavit of broadcast times must be part of the invoice to assure the services were received. Invoices for printed material should include a distribution statement. Attach samples of all products to corresponding invoices. The total amount of invoices/receipts may never exceed approved funds. Failure to supply the invoices/receipts will void the grant award. No exceptions.  

If a grant is approved, the WCVB agrees to reimburse for expenses described within the application based on compliance with all policies and guidelines set forth in the program, as well as those established by State Statutes. Any expenses deemed by the WCVB to not be allowed, by either the policies of the grant program or statutes governing the use of Lodging Tax Funds, will be denied.

Reimbursement Form