Lodging Tax

The Warrensburg Convention and Visitor Bureau (WCVB) is an entity created by City of Warrensburg Ordinance No. 3334. The WCVB has a 10-member advisory board and one full time staff member. The organization is funded by the lodging tax. 

The lodging tax was first approved by qualified voters in the City of Warrensburg in 1998. On the April 2, 2019 General Municipal Election ballot, City of Warrensburg qualified voters are being asked to approve the lodging tax increase from 2.5% to 5%. 

What does the Warrensburg Convention and Visitors Bureau do? 

The WCVB works to bring visitors to our community to utilize lodging establishments, restaurants and retail businesses. The WCVB’s mission can be achieved by effectively telling the communities story in all marketing pieces and providing a positive experience for visitors and event organizers. 

In 2018, the WCVB distributed more than 5,000 visitor guides and 10,000 welcome bags. Area attractions, activities and events are supported by the WCVB with event support, marketing assistance and the WCVB grant program. 

Events Supported: 

  • Children’s Literature Festival

  • Old Drum Festival-A Dog’s Day Out

  • UCM Athletics 

  • Burg Fest 

  • Dickens Christmas

The WCVB grant program is available to qualified nonprofits hosting events in the Warrensburg area. The program allows organizers to expand their marketing reach to increase event attendance and contribute to tourism in Warrensburg.  

The WCVB has awarded more than $30,000 to area events since 2015. 

Grant Recipients: 

  • American Legion Baseball

  • Burg Fest

  • Lions Club All Star Football Game

  • Old Drum Festival

Who pays the lodging tax

This tax is only paid by consumers who utilize the services of lodging establishments located in the City of Warrensburg. The WCVB receives 100 percent of the lodging tax collected to promote tourism. 

The average rate for an overnight stay in a Warrensburg hotel or bed and breakfast is $100. Currently a guest pays $2.50 in lodging tax per night. If the increase is approved by voters, guests would pay $5.00 in lodging tax per night.  

How will the funds be used? 

Warrensburg has one of the lowest lodging tax rates collected in the state of Missouri. The average lodging tax rate collected in Missouri communities is 5%. Increasing the lodging tax from 2.5% to 5% will provide the WCVB a projected increase of $135,000 in revenue.  

The increase will support:

  • Increasing the organization’s marketing and outreach (74%)

  • Support personnel (14%)

  • Creating a welcoming, accessible and visible visitor center (12%)

How does tourism benefit the community?

The tourism in Missouri contributes to approximately $600 per household each year in state and local taxes. The taxes paid by tourist among other revenue collected support the state and city with continuing and improving public services. This relieves residents from having to finance 100% of the services. Tourism-related spending in Johnson County last year was more than $63 million. 

Not only are you saving money due to the tourism industry, it also creates jobs in our area. In 2018, there were 2,141 tourism-related jobs in Johnson County.  

The local economy is impacted by visitors average spending of $99 per day at restaurants, retail businesses and more, plus lodging expenses.


For more information, email Marcy Bryant or call 660-262-4611.