Sidewalk Improvement Program

The City Council recently approved an Ordinance that amended the existing Curb and Sidewalk Program and replaced it with the Sidewalk Improvement Program.

 Changes to the program are:

 Residential sidewalk focus only; 

  • ADA ramps and curb and gutter will be handled with the street maintenance program;
  • The city will be split into separate and unique ‘zones’;
  • Each zone will be inspected annually by the city for hazards or defects that may be affecting pedestrian traffic; 
  • A tabulation will be put together and publicly bid for repair; 
  • In-zone repairs will be covered completely by the City; 

 Exceptions for adjoining property owners:

  • Out-of-zone repairs, or, out-of-program timeframe repairs (May – Sept) will carry a 50/50 cost share; 
  • Brick or stone sidewalks (if not listed on the National Register of Historic Places) will carry a 50/50 cost share; assuming the City’s portion doesn’t exceed the original cost to install concrete.

Sidewalk Improvement Program Documents