Warrensburg Solid Waste Study

In February 2022, as a response to ongoing issues with solid waste collection, the Warrensburg City Council unanimously passed Resolution #2209 setting forth the City’s intention to potentially contract for solid waste services in compliance with state regulations requiring a two-year notice period. Since that time, the City has developed a comprehensive Solid Waste Management Plan (SWMP) to guide the City’s future materials management system. The SWMP achieves the following activities:

• Evaluates the current residential and commercial solid waste services provided within the City;

• Assesses the feasibility of alternative organized collection options;

• Evaluates City-owned solid waste infrastructure options; and

• Develops recommendations regarding future provision of residential and commercial solid waste services.

Stakeholder engagement during the planning process included an online survey with over 1,000 responses, public workshops, interviews with haulers, and City Council presentations.

In August 2023, City Council adopted the SWMP and directed staff and the consulting team to begin a competitive procurement process for solid waste collection, recycling and yard waste services. During 2024, the City will complete the procurement process and anticipates entering into a contract for service. 

4-11-23 Open House

What's in Warrensburg's Trash? 

2023 Warrensburg trash composition image